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Arthridia Pet Arthritis Relief

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Arthridia Pet Arthritis Relief

Primalix Arthridia™ is an herbal extract (dietary supplement) for the natural relief of pain and inflammation. It is one of our Functional Food Drops™ that you conveniently add to any dog food. A dropper or two can do what no pain pill on earth can do.

Arthridia’s formula is elegant in its simple spectrum of herbs, including Rehmannia Root, Bupleurum Root, Sarsaparilla Root, and Ginger.

I know. Weird sounding names, right? But let’s take them one at a time and see how they bring natural relief of pain and swelling to your dog’s aching joints.

Why Is ArthridiaTM a Big Deal?

Our legendary formula combining only USDA Certified Organic herbs is a big deal because, say it with me, “A dropper or two can do what no pain pill on earth can do.” This stuff could make pain pills obsolete. How?

Each herb in our formula has undergone extensive clinical trials (both human and animal models) proving to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation as effectively (or more effectively) as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and aspirin – even acetaminophen.

But … (and this is one point all responsible dog lovers really need to understand) NSAIDs work by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzymes. Unfortunately, medications that inhibit COX-2 also inhibit COX-1, which is needed to maintain a dog or cat’s healthy stomach lining and gut.

This is why our pets may suffer NSAID side effects ranging from gastrointestinal bleeding and reduced nutritional uptake to sudden unexplained cardiac arrest.

Veterinarians often prescribe Carprofen (Rimadyl) or Deramaxx or Zubrin or Metacam or Previcox – all of which are popular NSAIDs.

But here’s my question: Doesn’t it make better sense to restore natural wellness in the very systems, glands and organs we were born with – the central nervous system, adrenals and liver – part of whose job is to combat pain and inflammation as a normal biological function in the first place? Isn’t the old pill-popping mentality just -- wrong?

I firmly believe the underlying cause of pain and inflammation as well as a multitude of modern-day diseases is due in part to a lack of daily herbal nutrient intake. Surely, herbs were placed here on Earth for our use and sustenance. In today's world, our companion animals can’t receive nature’s herbal bounty unless we add these vital benefits to their diets.


Rehmannia Root, Bupleurum Root, Sarsaparilla Root, and Ginger.

How To Use

Cats and small dogs (up to 20 lbs.): 1/2 dropper twice daily
Medium dogs (21 to 60 lbs.): 1 dropper twice daily
Large dogs (61 to 100 lbs.): 2 droppers twice daily
Giant dogs (101 lbs. and up) 3 droppers twice daily
Add to food or insert dropper into pet's mouth and discharge. NOTE: One "dropper" equals one squeeze of the black bulb (1 cc), which fills the pipette about half full. Refrigerate after opening.

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