Pet Supplement - Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance For Pet Diabetes


Blood-Sugar Balance for Pet Diabetes

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Blood-Sugar Balance for Pet Diabetes

Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance

Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance is ideal for any dog or cat suffering from diabetes. With years of research and testing, Primalix finally released the preeminent and most effective anti-diabetes herbal formula that is not harmful for any dog or cat, and instead acts as an organic pet supplement. The Primalix supplement works with both dog diabetes and cat diabetes.

Dog and cat diabetes and what to do?

The dog and cat diabetes brings the same side effects and conditions as in the humans. Treating or controlling it is a must if you really care for your pet. As you may already know, threating diabetes is fairly similar as the human diabetes.

The dog or cat that suffers from this condition can take hurtful injections and suffer. Not only painful, these injections are extremely HARMFUL for the overall health and can have serious effects over the pets. They are used less and less each year, because of the damaging effects like increasing the chance for a stroke, nausea, diarrhea and much more. Thus the injected insulin although helpful for the diabetes, can make several other problems in the pet’s health.

The other, less harmful and healthier, variant is threating dog diabetes or cat diabetes through a completely natural herbal therapy. The therapy based on natural pet supplement is currently the most used from veterinarians because it is both healthy and effective. The dogs and cats react good to the selected herbal ingredients and Primalix has discovered one of the best combination of ingredients that make the “Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance” one of the best natural pet supplements on the market.

Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance – INGREDIENTS

Primalix is an herbal natural pet supplement that is based on organic ingredients. It combines fenugreek seed, bitter melon, gymnema sylvestre and the powerful turmeric. The powerful anti-diabetes formula has a simple goal: to make use of the best benefits of these 4 herbs in order to lower the glucose and to help the cats and dogs in the fight against diabetes. Additionally, the organic pet supplement formula let’s you add other food components along with it i.e you can use it together with dogs or cats food for the best effect!

Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance - BENEFITS

  • impressively lowers glucose levels in the cat’s or dog’s blood
  • efficiently stimulates production of natural insulin
  • creates reverse resistance of insulin
  • highly-effective anti-diabetes ORGANIC supplement!


Three simple rules apply regarding the use of Primalix – Blood-Sugar Balance:

  1.  Small dogs and cats need half a dropper twice each day
  2. Medium dogs i.e the dogs that are somewhere between 20 and 60 lbs need to take whole dropper again twice each day
  3. The heavy dogs that are in between 60-100 lbs need to take 2 droppers, while the dogs heavier than 100 lbs need to take 3 droppers twice each day.

Other important notes regarding the taking of Primalix is that the dropper is somewhere around 1.0ml. Additionally, it is not recommended to use the pet supplement on dogs and cats that are pregnant or nursing. 



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