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CortiQuel for Cushings in Dogs

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Our Primalix CortiQuel® for Cushing’s syndrome combines old wisdom with new science to deliver these powerful healing nutrients to the very glands whose imbalance has brought on Cushing’s.

In researching our formula we uncovered findings that we think you’ll find quite remarkable!

Symptoms of Cushings in Dogs

Gradually a Cushingoid dog will develop symptoms which can often be mistaken for normal signs of ageing or even signs of completely different health issues. The most common symptoms of Cushings in dogs include:

    Excessive water consumption
    Excessive urination
    Loss of bladder control (accidents around the house)
    Increased appetite, bot belly
    Weight gain (mostly redistribution of fat)
    Loss of muscle mass
    Lethargy, weakness
    Baldness or thinning hair
    Calcified lumps in the skin
    Weakened immune system
    Pancreatitis and/or diabetes

Ironically, previous symptoms of inflammatory and auto-immune conditions may subside. Dogs with chronic allergies or rheumatoid arthritis may get “spontaneously” better when they develop Cushing's because of the flood of cortisone gushing through their veins, suppressing the immune system. This trade-off may prompt a loving dog owner to reconsider any treatment, or at least rethink any harsh or invasive procedure.

Why Balance is the Answer

Don’t get me wrong. Cortisol is a good thing. It’s one of life’s essentials. It is released in response to stress and impacts a number of biological systems and functions including:

    skeletal muscles
    cardiovascular system
    blood sugar levels
    kidney function
    fat metabolism
    nervous system
    immune response

But when blood cortisol levels are elevated as they are in hyperadrenocorticism – Cushing’s – the sensible holistic approach is to nourish the very glands in question – the adrenals and pituitary. Remember, balance and wellness can be achieved with specific herbs that act on targeted organs, glands and systems.


Rhodiola rosea root
Astragalus root's
Dandelion root
Shiitake mushroom

Dosing Instructions

Add to food:

Small Dogs (under 20 lbs) 1 dropper twice daily
Medium Dogs (20 to 60 lbs) 2 droppers twice daily
Large Dogs (61 to 100 lbs) 3 droppers twice daily
Giant Dogs (101 lbs and up) 4 droppers twice daily

NOTE: One "dropper" equals one squeeze of the black bulb (1.0mL), which fills the pipette about half full. Refrigerate after opening.

NOTE: CortiQuel for Cushings in Dogs is NOT recommended for pregnant or nursing animals or for dogs on blood-thinning or anti-rejection drugs.

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