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We offer a concierge prescription service for pet parents who want the very best care for their loved ones and communicate directly with your veterinarian to deliver pet health directly to your door.

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Our services

  • Full-Service Pharmacy

    We stock over 600 prescription medications such as flea, tick, and heartworm products, as well as over-the-counter supplements, devices, and supplies.

    Full-Service Pharmacy
  • Custom Medications (Compounds)

    Having trouble giving your cat a pill? Can't find commercial medication in the strength you need? We can help make something extra special, just for you! 🦜

    Custom Medications (Compounds)
  • Home Delivery & Prescription Management

    We request your pet's prescriptions directly from your veterinarian and deliver their medications to your door. Just call, text, or email us for refills!

    Home Delivery & Prescription Management

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a prescription for my pet's medicine?

Any items marked with an Rx icon in our online store will require a prescription from your pet's doctor. If you are unsure whether an item will require a prescription, please text or call a member of our team at (916) 888-8825 or email for more information.

Can you request my pet's prescription from my veterinarian?

Yes! We will reach out to your veterinarian directly for prescription authorization.

Where do you offer same-day delivery?

We deliver along the Highway-50 corridor from Folsom to Placerville. Please call (916) 888-8825 to see if we deliver to your home address.

How fast is your shipping?

We use UPS ground shipping and over 90% of our shipments arrive within 24 hours of shipment. If you are outside the UPS delivery radius, we will ship your parcel via USPS priority - please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

What is a compounded medication?

A compound is a custom-formulated medication to meet your pet's specific needs. Raw active ingredients are mixed with proprietary bases and can be flavored in some cases to increase palatability. The dose is also customized, and this allows veterinarians to prescribe medications to patients of many different sizes and species, where commercial alternatives are unavailable or impractical.

Do you ship refrigerated items?

We ship refrigerated items for an additional fee.

Can I collect my medication in person?

Yes! We love greeting our customers in person, and all medications are available for collection from our El Dorado Hills location.